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Wecome to our page, Ministry of Dog™ Wimborne Branch. Established in 2012 we are an animal care company committed to caring for your pets to the highest standard.
With all staff in our branches DBS checked, canine first-aid trained, fully insured and crucially all with lifelong experience with dogs/cats/small animals (even chickens), you can go to work or take a break with peace of mind knowing that your pet will be cared for and treated the way your best friend deserves while you are away.
We are lucky enough to provide the services that your pet loves, whether it is a fun off-lead walk in the open countryside with matched dogs of similar nature, a puppy visit, a feed or just the opportunity to be outdoors to 'sniff the air' during the day. With every service we provide our aim is to provide care, companionship and exercise with just the occasional healthy treat thrown in, and to provide solutions for active animals and busy owners. It just starts by contacting us to arrange no obligation visit.


07702 547366 or email office@ministryofdog.co.uk

to discuss your requirements